Grateful: A post from my other blog

(This post is from Organ Stories, a blog I’m using as the backbone of a multiplatform storytelling experiment about the world of organ transplantation.)

Organ stories

McHugh_horzJournalism — for all its noise and faults and angst — is a beautiful practice, one that often renews my faith in humanity. Take, for instance, Jim McHugh, the guy in the photo accompanying this post. Jim is pretty typical: he lives outside of Boston, has a couple of kids and loves the Patriots. Five years ago, he did something extraordinary when he moved to Indiana to improve his chances of getting a liver transplant.

That’s why he become the central figure in a story I filed a few days ago for Word of Mouth Radio.The piece explores a phenomenon called transplant tourism, a growing trend of patients moving do different regions or, less often, overseas to get the organs they need to survive.

Jim shared the details of his health and the challenges of his temporary move to honor his organ donor and raise awareness about transplantation. Like so…

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