BBC creates video database of female experts

The BBC is helping its reporters connect with smart, well-spoken women by assembling a database of female experts. According to The Telegraph, the database includes specialists from a variety of fields who have completed a free media training day organized by the BBC.

The ‘expert women database’ contains the details of the 60 women who have so far received free training via these days, as well as the contacts of a further 120 women who “showed promise” in their applications to the BBC Academy. More than 2,000 women applied for the first BBC Academy female expert training day but there were only 30 spaces.

The BBC is one of several British news organizations responding to criticisms about gender imbalances in journalism.

As the Telegraph reports, this isn’t the first database of its kind. My own quick Google search uncovered this directory of female scientists in Eastern Europe. Are there any similar databases in the U.S.? Should someone start one?

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