Tech camp goes mobile

If the forecast is correct, this week will feature some really fantastic summer weather, so we’re going to head outside and see what kinds of stories we can tell with nothing more than our smartphones and a couple of apps.

We’ve already experimented with one of them: ThingLink. We used the desktop version earlier this summer, but now that it’s publicly available as an app, we can try to do something similar to what the Washington Post produced during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.

Another fun little app I’ve been playing with lately is called Over, a super-simple tool that lets users place text and a limited selection of graphics over images. Here’s a graphic for an imaginary blog post about entertainment options in Boston. It took about five minutes, and that includes the time I spent walking down the block to take the picture.


For other examples of Over projects in the wild, check out this blog from the app’s developers.

Don’t forget your phone on Monday. (No smartphone? No problem. We’ll pair you up with someone who has one.)

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