#Pulitzer100: Mine eyes have seen…

Two sisters, their famous mom and a Pulitzer backstory finally told. (Read more)

One Reply to “#Pulitzer100: Mine eyes have seen…”

  1. Meg, On my way to your podcast (suggested by your Mom) I happened upon this story. It has opened, for me, a new adventure. I have a book by Julia Ward Howe “Reminicences” that belonged to Peter’s great, great aunt. It was given to her my her sister in law, Eliza Putnam Heaton with a signed inscription. Although there is little family lore, the internet has been filling in the holes. She, Eliza, was an early woman journalist with the Brooklyn Times, Brooklyn Eagle, New York World etc. I am reading some of her work. Her husband, John Langdon Heaton, was on various papers and an editor of New York World and worked for Pulitzer. He was a judge on the first awards in 1917. He did that until around his death in 1936. “Uncle John”is in family lore….interesting that his wife is not. She died youngish in 1919, which might account for the lack of family stories. Anyway, it is interesting how things emerge. I am going to read the Julia Ward Howe book before I give it to my granddaughter.

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