Meograph is a little bit of everything

A typical Meograph frame combines an image, a map, text and audio.
A typical Meograph frame combines an image, a map, text and audio.

It’s been a busy summer so far for tech campers. We’ve played with mapping, turned flat photos into interactive presentations and built timelines. This week’s tool allows us to combined these techniques on a single platform. It’s called Meograph, and it has the potential to produce results like these.

Users build presentations using photos, videos, narration, dates and locations. Unlike some of the other tools we’ve looked at this summer, many files can be uploaded — or, in the case of audio, recorded — directly into Meograph. As you can see from this video, it takes just a few minutes to assemble a basic presentation:

Meograph is still in beta, so it doesn’t always behave exactly as you might expect. That said, the support team is responsive to questions and open to suggestions. To reach the team, use the little chat box in lower right corner of the Meograph website.

Here’s a quick little production tracking my cat’s weekend road trip to upstate New York. (Does that mean it’s a Meow-graph?) It’s rough in a few places, but we’re going to smooth it out together at today’s tech camp.

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