The second session of Tech Camp is underway

Tech Camp is back from hiatus, and the next six weeks will be packed with digital storytelling adventures. (And maybe those microwave s’mores I promised back in May.) We’ll revisit a few tools we covered last month and add some new ones to the mix. This afternoon, we’ll focus on, something I suspect resembles the layout software of the future.

We’re starting here for several reasons. is less buggy than many of the other tools on the agenda, and it’s fairly simple to use. It also allows for a nice mix of data and visuals — two of the major elements shaping digital storytelling. To see what I mean, check out this little project I thew together a few weeks ago.

You can, of course, bring your own data and visuals to camp, or use some of the numbers here or here. If neither of those topics is appealing, do a bit of  Google research to compare the number of seats in Fenway with the number of seats in Yankee Stadium. To find visuals, use the Creative Commons search interface, and be sure to credit the author somewhere in your project. When you’re done, post a link to your in the comment section.


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